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Multiplication Drills -

Chpt 1.1 Place Value


What is in the place value with blocks?


What is the number with blocks?


What is in the place value?

Comparing place value:


Chpt 1.2 Word/Standard/Expanded Form


Word to Numbers To 1,000:


Expanded to number to 1,000:


Expanded to number to 1,000,000:


Writing Equations (Extra):


Numbers with decimals (Extra):

Chpt 1.3 Least to Greatest

Ordering Money (easy) -

Ordering Money (hard) -

Chpt 1.4 Rounding


Numberline rounding -


Decimal -


Rounding Amounts -

Chpt 1.5 Adding


Adding 4-digit numbers -


Adding 4-digit (hard) -


Chpt 1.7 Subtracting


Borrowing -


Borrow across Zeroes -

Eric Curry

Current Assignments


Book Report Directions

Your Fictional book report must have:
1)     Genre – what style, and explain why.
2)    Setting – Where, when, situation.
3)    Characters – Give character traits (behavior) of main characters
4)    Theme – What is the lesson of the story
   a.    Who changes, and why do they change?
   b.    What are they like at the beginning of the story, and what are they like at the end?
5)    Conflicts – vs. character, vs. self, vs. society, vs. nature – Try to give an example of each one
   a.    Describe the conflict, and how it was resolved
6)    Lesson/Moral – What is this story trying to teach you?
7)    Are there any metaphors or similies in the story?


Your Non-Fiction or Informational book report must have:
1)    Main ideas, followed by 2-3 supporting details each.
2)    What is this book trying to teach you?
3)    Explain something new that you learned.