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School Site Council



The School Site Council is required, under state law, to serve as the school community representative body for determining the focus of the school's academic instructional program and all its related categorical resources. The School Site Council has responsibility for these duties:


  • Develop and approve the Single Plan for Student Achievement
  • Obtain recommendations for the proposed Single Plan for Student Achievement from all stake holders and any applicable school advisory committees (Ed Code64001)
  • Develop and approve the plan and related expenditures in accordance with all state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Recommend the plan and expenditures to the governing board for approval.
  • Provide ongoing review of the implementation of the plan with the principal, teachers, and other school staff members.
  • Make modifications to the plan whenever the need arises.
  • Submit the modified plan for governing board approval whenever a material change a (as defined in district governing board policy) is made in planned activities or related expenditures.
  • Annually, (and at each semester, trimester, etc.), evaluate the progress made toward school goals to raise the academic achievement of all students.
  • Carry out all other duties assigned to the council by the district governing board and by state law.



Por ley estatal el Concilio está requerido para servir a la comunidad como el cuerpo representante para determinar el enfoque del programa de instrucción académica escolar y todos los recursos categ6ricos relacionados. El Concilio tiene la responsabilidad con estas funciones:


  • Elaborar y aprobar el Plan Individual para el Desempeño Académico Estudiantil.
  • Obtener recomendaciones de los comités consultivos escolares, comités fijos y especiales respecto al enfoque del Plan Individual para el Desempeño Estudiantil. (C6digo Educativo 64001).
  • Elaborar y aprobar el plan escolar y todos los gastos relacionados propuestos de acuerdo a todas las leyes y regulaciones estatales y federales.
  • Recomendar el plan escolar, incluso los gastos del presupuesto relacionado a la directiva administrativa local.
  • Proveer un monitoreo continuo de la implementaci6n dcl plan con el director,   maestros y otro miembro del personal escolar.
  • Hacer modificaciones al plan siempre que sea necesario.
  • Someter el plan modificado para aprobación de la mesa directiva siempre que el material cambie (como está definido en la norma de la mesa directiva) en las actividades planeadas o gastos relacionados.
  • Anualmente (y en cada semestre, trimestre, etc.), evaluar el progreso hecho para cumplir las metas escolares de elevar el desempeño estudiantil  para todos los estudiantes.
  • Llevar a cabo todas las otras funciones asignadas al concilio por la directiva administrativa del distrito y las leyes estatales.

Single Plan for Student Achivement

Schools receiving state and/or federal categorical funds are required to submit an annual updated Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) to the Board describing how the school will expend the funds to improve student achievement. The process includes examining the effectiveness of current improvement strategies, student achievement data with input from parents, community, advisory committees and staff members. Goals in subject areas are written with actions described to fulfill each goal.


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School Site Council Locker

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SSC Meeting Dates

September 19,  2017

October 17, 2017

November 15, 2017

January 16, 2018

February 20, 2018

March 27, 2018

May 8, 2018

(2:20 pm in room H-1)


Fechas de (SSC)


19 de Septiembre de 2017

17 de Octubre de 2017

15 de Noviembre de 2017

16 de Enero de 2018

20 de Febrero de 2018

27 de Marzo de 2018

8 de Mayo de 2018

(2:20 pm en el salón H-1)